Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twilight Beauty Lipgloss & Nail Polish Sets

I went by Europris today to pick up some storage boxes for my new makeup drawer and I came across these fun Twilight Beauty sets. I picked up the lipgloss and nail polish set which Im super excited to try out. They also have other sets available but these two really captured my attention. Each set is $8.50.

I think that these make perfect Christmas presents, you dont have to be a Twilight fan to enjoy the products. I just checked out the Twilight Beauty website, their products look really fun, need to check and see if they ship worldwide :)

I will post swatches of the lip glosses and the nail polishes soon. There might even be a little giveaway if anyone is interested in these as well. Let me know in the comments below :)

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Have you tried anything from Twilight Beauty? :)
Xo, Christine


  1. nice items!!! can't wait for the swatches!!!=)

  2. Woww the lipglosses look beautiful <3 Lovely!!!!

  3. This is awesome! Are they from any specific brand? (:

  4. @Jess Posting swatches of the products today :)

  5. yeah! quickly swatch these babies =)

  6. Hi Christine
    Thanks you for the post I love the fun nail polish colors. I will introduce the nail polishes to my clients. I had know idea there was a twilight beauty line available for manuicues and pedicures I like to have an array of colors for my client because everyone has different tastes. I would like to mention that OPI Muppets Holiday 2011 Collection has fun colors to. Thanks again for the info

  7. @joanna Wright Thank you for checking out my post :) I have been wanting to get my hands on The Muppets Collection, all the colors are adorable :)

  8. loving the nail polish colors! so pretty!! <3

  9. I love the purple nail polish more than anything! stunning!


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